An Experienced Game Development Studio

Siligin Software is a young but promising player in the global game industry with a passion for game development and 100+ projects in portfolio. Founded back in 2015 and headquartered in Lviv, our company now consists of 20 devoted professionals. All of us are different, with uniques skills and experiences. What unites us is one simple but great goal – to develop high-quality products that we would be proud of.

Our Rules




We do what we love and we love what we do, so the quality of the final product is a matter of principle. We want to ensure the best experience for our users, so all the games are meticulously tested. To make sure that we meet the demands and interests of the market, we conduct a profound preliminary research study, collect and analyze post-launch feedback, and communicate with the client at all stages of the product development.


Comprehensive approach


We highly appreciate you trust and value your ideas. Each client is our friend and deserves a personalized approach, so we thoroughly consider all the details and keep in touch throughout the entire product development cycle. Continuous communication and mutual trust are vital for the successful outcome.




Our Team members perfectly understand each other and make sure that every voice is heard. While we are enthusiastic about challenging each other from time to time, we live by the principles of honesty, knowledge sharing, and 24/7 support. Siligin Software community is closely-knit, but we are happy to welcome new members and partners to share our passion with.